1. Overnight camping at the Allegan County Fairgrounds during the 4-H Five-Day Horse Clinic is available for participant families and club leaders on a first come first serve basis. Parents wanting to have their children stay with an unrelated adult at campgrounds must give written permission below.  
  2. The fee for camping will be $30.00 per night per campsite.  Fee includes electric and water hookup. Camping fees are due with registration.
  3. Campers must be brought in AFTER10am FRIDAY MORNING and must be removed from the campgrounds at the end of clinic on Wednesday, Aug. 4th.  Please no horse trailers in camping sites unless camping in said trailer.  
  4. Youth may camp at the fairgrounds only with their parent(s), legal guardian(s) or club leader. That adult assumes full responsibility during overnight stays and other times the youth is not involved in clinic activities.   A signed permission form is required if a 4H Chaperone (VSP screened) is responsible for the attending youth.  NOTE:  If your child is not staying with a parent or legal guardian it is the parents responsibility to make sure their child is staying with a 4H Chaperone (VSP screened) AND one other youth.  
  5. The Allegan County 4-H program, 4-H Horse Leaders Association, 4-H Five Day Horse Clinic and the Allegan County Fair will not be responsible for loss or damage of horses, tack, feed or vehicles.
  6. No camp fires of any kind are allowed.  However, grills may be used for cooking.
  7. Due to past problems there will be no dogs or bikes allowed at clinic.
  8. Youth are to stay away from barns from 10:30pm until 6:30am unless authorized by a Barn Manager or there is an emergency. Quiet time begins at 11:00pm   Please be considerate of other campers that need to sleep prior to 11:00pm.
  9. Horses are not allowed in the camping area.
  10. Anyone not following rules and/or caught in the act of theft, vandalism, possession of drugs or alcohol, shall immediately be told to leave the fairgrounds or if the offense warrants it, the offender may be turned over to the proper authorities.  No refund will be given.
  11. No dogs or bikes.
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