Things to Bring

  1. Horse/Pony in good working condition!
  2. Proof of your horse/pony’s immunizations
  3. Copy of your horse/pony’s negative coggins to leave in the office
  4. Emergency Contact Stall Card-(see below)
  5. SEI/ASTM approved helmet
  6. Riding boots or footwear with a heel
  7. Tack (saddle, bridle, blankets, etc.)
  8. Equipment (grooming tools, buckets, stall fork, wheelbarrow, etc.)
  9. Feed (hay, grain, etc.). We recommend free choice hay 24/7 
  10. Bedding (example: shavings) Heads Up-You may need 8 or more bags of shavings!
  11. Trailer to store feed and equipment
  12. Staple guns
  13. An open mind and good attitude about learning new things