Rules and Expectations

  1. Clinic hours are from 8am to 9:30pm.  
  2. All youth will participate in their scheduled activities.  Please be on time and prepared to participate.
  3. Be prepared for sun, heat, rain or inclement weather.
  4. All participants must obey safety procedures and rules given by the instructors and as outlined in these rules.
  5. Do not enter assigned areas until told to do so by instructor.
  6. Our clinic is limited to a given area on the fairgrounds.  Participants must not wander into other areas.
  7. Those youth participants staying with a leader should have a signed parent emergency release form.
  8. Horse and ponies are to be under control at all times.
  9. Horses and ponies will not be ridden outside of class unless participating in a supervised activity.
  10. Horses and ponies will be ridden in full tack at all times unless directed by an instructor.
  11. All equipment used must be well-fitting and of safe quality.
  12. Grooming equipment and tack will be stored in trailers or empty stalls if available.
  13. NO electronic devices or ear buds while in class.  
  14. For safety reasons instant obedience is a must. “Freeze” is a command to be given when a hazardous or potentially hazardous situation develops.  It means stop all activity immediately and look around to see what’s wrong.
  15. Safety and courtesy are to be practiced at all times.
  16. SEI/ASIEM approved Helmets will be worn by all students while in the arena and round pens.  
  17. The Clinic Coordinator, Instructors, Barn Managers, Health Officer, Five-Day Clinic Committee Members and Volunteer Leaders must be obeyed at all times.
  18. Health & Release forms need to be completed and the release policy followed.
  19. No dogs or bikes.

Barn Rules

  1. Emergency Contact Stall Card must be attached to the stall door as soon as the horse is in it.  Stall cards are found on the next page under the “Things to Bring Checklist” and will be provided at the clinic.
  2. Stall doors are to be kept closed when not in use.
  3. Wheelbarrows and all tools are to be kept in trailers or tack stalls if available
  4. Horses are expected to have 2 buckets of water during hot weather.
  5. Horses may not be tied to the outside of the stalls.  
  6. Closed shoes or boots worn at all times around horses.
  7. No loud noises and “horse play” or water fights around horses.
  8. Manure is to be placed in designated areas only.
  9. Youth are to stay away from barns from 10:30pm until 6:30am unless authorized by a Barn Manager or there is an emergency. Quiet time begins at 11:00pm.  Please be considerate of sleeping horses. 

Behavioral Expectations

Living in a new environment away from home (i.e. trips, camps, exchanges) can be exciting new learning experiences because there are so many opportunities for building new friendships and participating in new adventures which will enrich 4-H member’s lives.  4-H Horse leaders and members when participating or acting on behalf of the Allegan County 4-H Youth Program are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with accepted standards of social behavior, to respect the rights of others, and to refrain from any conduct which may be injurious to the program.  It is expected that 4-H Leaders, members, and parents will conduct themselves according to the code of conduct they signed as part of their 4-H enrollment in 4HOnline.