Session 3 Show Prep/Showmanship


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Session 3 Show Prep/Showmanship

Session 3/arena A

Show Prep and Showmanship Cloverbuds-5:  Our show prep class is designed to be a deep dive into taking your horses and yourself to the next level. Five days of learning clipping, banding, braiding, what to wear and how to dress for success. This will be very hands on class where attendees will learn not only show grooming basics but also where and when to use highlighter, how to tie in a false tail, properly fit a show halter, and even what to wear in halter vs showmanship – and so much more! Participants will also spend time working on showmanship patterns. The week will finish with a dry run “show” class on the final day. This class is appropriate for both english and western disciplines whether you are new to showing or looking to step your show grooming game up!  Bring your show tack and wardrobe with you.  Multiple instructors will teach this class and will inform you what to bring on which days.  This class is open to Cloverbuds enthusiastic to show, but must have an adult present for the entirety of the class.

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