Session 2 Intro to Jumping 2/3


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Session 2 Intro to Jumping 2/3

Session 2/Arena D

Introductory Jumping 2/3:  Participants in this class will utilize their English riding skills to introduce their mounts to the techniques and exercises needed to begin jumping them.  Participants in this class should be riding at a horsemaster level 2 or 3.  Depending on the skill levels of horses and riders, poles, crossrails and mini courses may be ridden.  It is strongly recommended that horses/ponies be at least 6 years old for this class.  Participants will jump obstacles only when the instructor deems the horse and rider are safe and ready to do so.  Participants who have previously jumped at 5 day and are in the same level and with the same equine do not need a new evaluation before registering.  However, ALL Participants must at a minimum send a video evaluation before the clinic begins to assure proper class placement.  Participants moving levels and/or equines must have a new evaluation before registering.  These new evaluations are recommended to be done in person but can also be done via video.  Completed evaluation forms should be uploaded at checkout or emailed to

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